Sarah Vandella Quick Facts

Alias: Sara Vandela, Sara Vandella
Date of Birth: 12/2/1983
Home Town: Hauppauge, New York, USA
Measurements: 34D-26-32
Height: 5’3
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown

Sarah Vandella Biography.

Sarah Vandella stepped on to the adult industry scene in 2007 at 24 years old. This busty blond haired brown eyed bombshell featured in seven films during her first year in the porn business which varied in niche from solo to hardcore.

Sarah Vandella’s fan base flocks around her huge fake tits and just can’t get enough of her willingness to work in just about any niche. Despite her beginning in solo and hardcore film only Sarah went on to feature in quite a few interracial films as well as threesomes, bondage, and anal feature films as well.

Throughout her film career Sarah Vandella has worked for a variety of adult production companies including big names like Vivid, Playgirl, Naughty America, Hustler and Adam and Eve. During her films Sarah got the valuable experience of working alongside such big name stars as Nikki Coxxx, Marie Luv, Jezebelle Bond, Eva Angelina and Tommy Gunn

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  13. Marco says:

    I just love you, Sarah. You’re the best pornstar ever! I wanna marry you, I don’t care that you’re a pornstar!!

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  20. Neil says:

    Sarah, you truly are an amazing woman and love watching your scenes. I met Tori Black here in Alabama and she was amazing as well and loved the limo ride when she invited me to eat Mexican food with her. I got an experience to remember during her 2 hour break between photos, and must say I’d love that chance to meet you and share some stories. Keep going strong and know you have an avid follower and huge fan! You’re gorgeous and have the most stunning eyes and smile! Take care Sarah and I hope you make it to Alabama someday. 🙂

  21. SPC says:

    haha. happauge, really? good to see someone from back home makin it big! Keep it up girl!

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  26. Scorpion says:

    Hi Sarah. I think I remember you from Expressions on Long Island. It’s good you’re doing well. Love ya.

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  29. DPK says:

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  50. Sarah Vandella Fan says:

    What is the URL that you are going to?

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